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Protect Our Beaches: Many Citizens, One Voice Dedicated to Protecting Palm Beach County’s Beachfront

Waves tore away entire stretches of beach. Water flooded streets and trapped people in their houses. Sand washed onto shore, clogging storm drains and blocking roads. The region’s brush with Hurricane Sandy roughed up the entire South Florida coast, breaching sea walls and overwhelming drainage systems. The severe impact resulted from three factors occurring at…

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Powerful weekend winds and waves combined to swamp hundreds of sea turtle nests and bewilder hatchlings before they could scramble to the sea, said officials at Loggerhead Marinelife Center. About 200 of the 1,500 nests in the 5 miles south of the Juno Beach Pier monitored by the center were washed away by Tropical Storm…

Beach cooperation marks sea change

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Palm Beach County has fought some epic sand wars over beach restoration. But a new state effort is aimed at bringing a more unified approach toward maintaining a 15.7-mile stretch of coastline between the Lake Worth Inlet just north of the town of Palm Beach and the South Lake Worth Inlet just south of Manalapan…

Palm Beach County leaders have renewed efforts to find a permanent way to keep sand on the area’s fastest-eroding beaches. Two months after county commissioners said they would stop looking for a long-term fix to erosion, local leaders have teamed up with state environmental regulators to revive the plan.

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